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fishbowl / круглый аквариум
имя существительное
круглый аквариум
имя существительное
a round glass bowl for keeping pet fish in.
He compares our bodies to that of a fish in a fishbowl .
To add insult to injury, the citizens will fund the very system that will reduce their lives to a transparent fishbowl .
But from outside the fishbowl , it just reinforces the impression that nothing they say can be taken at face value.
One of the original ideas behind the Wrestling site was to include a blog, thus allowing the public a look into our glorious fishbowl .
Sat perfectly still inside the fishbowl was a small aquarium dweller.
Now, he's going to the biggest fishbowl in sports, where the rabid New York tabloid papers and sports talk radio will dissect everything he says and does.
The hostess double-takes at the sight of a panda and large, muscle-bound man in a suit and tie carrying a lobster in a fishbowl .
When I get to the house, the fishbowl on the porch is empty.
The chef will be in the TV fishbowl as cameras chronicle life in the kitchens and in the dining room.
We're a little bit more used to the media ties, the environment in which we live and the necessity of operating in kind of a media fishbowl all the time.
I think one of the things that I learned from politics is that you really have to open up your life and live in a fishbowl to be an elected official.