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firstborn / первенец
имя существительное
firstborn, firstling
имя прилагательное
родившийся первым
имя существительное
a person's first child.
their firstborn arrived
имя прилагательное
(of a person's child) the first to be born; the eldest.
his new album and his firstborn child are due in the same week
Six months later, Graciano returns on time to witness his wife give birth to his firstborn child.
My mother is speaking with a male scribe, one I recognize as that of one of her real sons, her firstborn , my brother and nursemaid to some of my older sisters.
She'd been a bridesmaid at their wedding, and was now a godmother of their recently-born firstborn child Jacob.
They met at a party, got married, and I was the firstborn .
Children were also significantly more likely to suffer from these conditions if their father had an inherited susceptibility to allergy or the child was a firstborn .
As a parent, Jo-Ann pondered how all their dreams and hopes for their firstborn child would never be realized.
I was their firstborn child, their baby girl, the very embodiment of their hopes and dreams.
Feasts and gifts were given to the mother and baby, especially for firstborn children, and at adolescence a formal naming ceremony was held.
Then the firstborn child was thought to be god-begotten.
In southeast Angola, the practice of calling a parent after his or her firstborn child (father-of-name, mother-of-name) further create ties between the generations.