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first-line / первая линия
имя прилагательное
of first resort.
first-line drugs for HIV exposure
The place immediately struck me as a seemingly ideal spot for me to headquarter, so even before I arrived in Gotham it ranked as a first-line destination.
In a recent study, we assessed its potential as a first-line drug in the mouse model of tuberculosis.
The 45 adult patients studied were referred to a dermatology clinic because of failure to respond to first-line wart treatment.
They are often the first-line agents for the treatment of high blood pressure in physically active patients, especially those with diabetes.
New strains of TB resistant to all four first-line drugs are defeating the medical establishment.
Can we anticipate these becoming first-line drugs for hypertension?
Thus, if patients have epigastric distress or nausea with the first-line drugs, dosing with meals or changing the hour of dosing is recommended.
Dietary restrictions limit these drugs as first-line treatment for depression, however.
Lithium is the first-line treatment for acute mania.
These products generally are not considered first-line therapies, but they may be used in patients who cannot tolerate other topical agents.