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firm / фирма, торговый дом
имя существительное
firm, company, business, concern, biz
торговый дом
firm, house
firmly, hard, firm, solidly, crisply, surely
firmly, hard, tightly, tight, fast, firm
имя прилагательное
solid, hard, firm, strong, steadfast, rigid
lasting, strong, durable, solid, firm, rugged
stable, steady, sustained, strong, persistent, firm
strengthen, reinforce, fortify, consolidate, harden, firm
strengthen, consolidate, harden, firm
condense, thicken, pack, firm
имя прилагательное
having a solid, almost unyielding surface or structure.
the bed should be reasonably firm, but not too hard
strongly felt and unlikely to change.
he retains a firm belief in the efficacy of prayer
in a resolute and determined manner.
she will stand firm against the government's proposal
имя существительное
a business concern, especially one involving a partnership of two or more people.
a law firm
make (something) physically solid or resilient.
an exercise program designed to firm up muscle tone
By working all heads of the triceps, you can firm up the backs of your arms and develop a gorgeous contour, Roberts says.
They were industrious by nature with a strong work ethic and a firm belief in self-sufficiency.
This goes a huge way towards putting the project on a firm financial footing (no pun intended) and turning it into a reality.
In addition to Trinity Academy, firm plans already exist for another seven academies across Yorkshire including two in Bradford.
That is a firm foundation for taking a case before the court.
He kept a firm grip on her to make sure she was alright, but pulled something out of his pocket.
The two became firm friends and were close collaborators on medical topics for many years.
Enforce the rules fairly every time. Be gentle but firm with your child even when the child wants to break a rule.
He is committed to a firm belief, based on his strong religious faith, that he will be healed.
When it was his time to take the oath, he signed the book, then went on to chat animatedly to the Speaker, who grasped his hand, held it in a firm grip, and shook it five times.