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firewood / дрова, топливо, растопка
имя существительное
firewood, wood, woods
fuel, firewood, combustible, firing
kindling, firelighter, kindler, firewood, kindling-wood
имя существительное
wood burned as fuel.
Seconds later, I heard a dull clunk as he placed the firewood on the floor.
Among the products currently manufactured are indoor and garden furnishings, charcoal and firewood .
For now, her family survives on seeds and grains, and selling firewood in the local market.
The most devastating impact came from cutting trees for firewood and charcoal.
When the wood has been neglected, it is made into barbeque charcoal and logs for firewood .
But the weather did not let up and eventually the last piece of firewood was burnt and used up.
Gorse and broom are used for cattle bedding and eucalyptus for firewood .
With the discovery of gold, mining became a major consumer of firewood and rough timber.
As we were fairly late arriving, all the good camping spots were gone and so was all the firewood .
One of the clearest memories I have of my mother was one time when my brothers and sisters had returned from the forest after collecting firewood .
After a couple of decades in one area, firewood was cut, game was hunted out, and farm fields were depleted.