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firestorm / firestorm
огненная буря
tempest, squall
огненный шквал
имя существительное
an intense and destructive fire (typically one caused by bombing) in which strong currents of air are drawn into the blaze, making it burn more fiercely.
within the firestorm every building was burned to a shell
A bombing raid on Hamburg resulted in a firestorm that killed more than 50,000 people.
The inscription on the monument generated a firestorm of controversy.
But French executives know even modest job cuts will ignite a political firestorm .
A firestorm would result: the heat in the central area rises so high that the fire consumes all available oxygen.
These created so much fire that a firestorm developed.
Promoting abstinence in America carries a guarantee of being ridiculed in a firestorm of controversy.
the incident ignited a firestorm of controversy
This paper will generate a firestorm of controversy, wide media interest, and perhaps even calls for a public inquiry.
It ignited a national firestorm of protest by civil rights and women's groups.
Together, they have produced a book that has ignited a firestorm in Great Britain that is almost certain to spread to the United States.