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fireside / домашний очаг, место у камина, семейная жизнь
имя существительное
домашний очаг
home, hearth, hearth and home, fireside, hearthstone
место у камина
fireside, chimney-corner
семейная жизнь
domesticity, fireside
имя прилагательное
home, domestic, household, pet, homely, fireside
имя существительное
the area around a fireplace (used especially with reference to a person's home or family life).
he preferred the warmth of his own fireside
Intruders used a fireside peat basket to carry antique silverware, porcelain and clocks to a waiting van.
he preferred the warmth of his own fireside and the simple pleasures of a good cigar and a glass of brandy
The fireside chats were enormously successful and even attracted more listeners than the most popular radio shows during this Golden Age of Radio.
The plot is a typical fireside ghost story - murder, infidelity and a message from beyond the grave - and the thrills are familiar.
And it sells all the fireside accompaniments needed to achieve a blazing fire on a cold winter evening.
Resplendent in his long black coat, starched white collar and hard black hat tied with a white ribbon, he resembled in my mind a character often described to us in fireside ghost stories.
As the autumn evenings draw in, a cosy fireside armchair beckons!
I can read the lives of dukes and of princes in nice picture books by the comfort of my own fireside .
Mother liked to chat with other family members as she plied her knitting by the fireside .
However, the hour was late and the last train called us from our fireside reverie.