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fireproof / несгораемый, огнеупорный, огнестойкий
имя прилагательное
incombustible, fireproof
refractory, fireproof, ovenproof
fireproof, incombustible, calcitrant, non-inflammable
придавать огнеупорность
имя прилагательное
able to withstand fire or great heat.
a fireproof dish
make (something) fireproof.
nearby museum buildings will be fireproofed
On top of shortages in basic equipment like ladders, fireproof clothing and pumps, at least 22 new fire engines and other vehicles are required now and 35 auxiliary fire stations need upgrading.
Thrice a day, the performers have been taking to the stage under the massive fireproof tents, which can accommodate up to 2,500 viewers.
Dozens of signal relay rooms like the one destroyed on Sunday are scattered throughout the 722-mile subway system, and it is impossible to fireproof them…
The Scouting team, who stayed at the orphanage for a week, worked to make the home more fireproof and carried out repairs.
If you build a home in a dangerous area and you don't fireproof it, you should not get money from the government to rebuild.
High-quality sprinkler systems and new fireproof roofing materials, for example, can reduce the chance of fire.
Put everything in a waterproof, fireproof box and know where it is.
As he arrived he saw neighbours being forced back from the house by the intense heat of the inferno, and dashed towards the end terrace house without stopping to put on any protective fireproof clothing or his breathing gear.
Forum members debated how they could encourage all property owners to make sure that their roof spaces are divided from neighbouring properties by fireproof barriers.
Keep the originals in a home safe or other waterproof, fireproof container.