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fireguard / каминная решетка
имя существительное
каминная решетка
grate, fender, fireguard, spark guard
имя существительное
a protective screen or grid placed in front of an open fire.
Make sure open fires have a suitable fireguard and are safe to leave.
a firebreak in a forest.
The 300 ha Buckingham thinned for the project included a ‘priority one’ area that required a 30 metre wide clearcut in the middle of the fireguard .
Over the past few years I cut a fireguard 200 ft. wide around the place but that is little comfort in a strong wind.
Make sure open fires have a suitable fireguard and are safe to leave.
Use a fireguard if you have children, and fit smoke alarms in case a spark goes astray.
Make sure that you use an appropriate fireguard for all fires.
After draping her clothes over the fireguard , she tip-toed upstairs to her room in the loft and crawled into bed.
The offer is that for every fireplace purchased by a customer, a free fireguard will be provided.
On Friday morning the Springer Creek fire jumped a fireguard in its northwest corner.
A Sunday joint, a fireguard and a top hat were among the 10,000 articles which passengers lost after journeys during the previous 12 months.
The fender and fireguard would then be replaced and the fire lit.
It's a long time since I boiled up a batch of handkerchiefs to be dried on the fireguard and ironed neatly.