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firecracker / фейерверк
имя существительное
fireworks, firework, banger, firecracker
имя существительное
a loud, explosive firework, typically wrapped in paper and lit with a fuse.
All around us, Berliners were lighting off fireworks, firecrackers , noisemakers and rockets, and none too cautiously.
Among the dead were seven people trapped in houses set alight when a firecracker ignited a stack of fireworks.
What a firecracker she is!
If I had to chose one word to describe the broadcast legend, I would say he's a real firecracker .
I have a beautiful, wonderful, firecracker of a daughter.
The sparkler demonstrates how to get bright, sparkling light from a firework, and the firecracker shows how to create an explosion.
People can't believe she's almost 78 years old, because she's still such a firecracker !
the book was hardly a literary firecracker
the book was solidly excellent but hardly a literary firecracker
They suddenly heard a loud cheering, and possibly a firecracker .
Bottle rockets, firecrackers , and Roman candles are illegal in Iowa, yet some people purchase these items out-of-state and light them at home or at family gatherings or parties.