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firebreak / противопожарная полоса
имя существительное
противопожарная полоса
имя существительное
an obstacle to the spread of fire, such as a strip of open space in a forest.
we passed into a conifer forest and followed firebreaks downhill
a fire-resistant door designed to be a firebreak
Something tells me they'd bulldoze a damn big firebreak at one of the passes before letting the thing get down here.
Crews worked on a firebreak in a nearby canyon to try to cut off an eastward route for the fire.
A firebreak follows a tributary burn, the Shiel Rig Burn, and this leads onto the grassy west ridge of Shalloch on Minnoch.
Ian, the sanctuary manager, has been busy on the grader putting the finishing touches to a firebreak .
These builders had a contractual duty to build this wall so as to act as a firebreak .
From the road end follow the firebreak in the forest in a SW direction through the forest to a stile.
Even the channel proved inadequate as a firebreak , as strong winds carried burning debris over two kilometres to Bruny Island to start fresh fires.
a fire-resistant door designed to be a firebreak
Allowing people whose properties back on to the forest to keep their lawns watered would create a natural firebreak , said Calder.