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firebomb / зажигательная бомба
имя существительное
зажигательная бомба
incendiary bomb, firebomb, petrol bomb
сбрасывать зажигательные бомбы
имя существительное
a bomb designed to cause a fire.
He said his family had suffered for years from a vendetta, which resulted in a catalogue of damage to his home and garden, including graffiti, firebombs , ballbearings fired through patio windows and his caravan being set on fire
attack or destroy (something) with a bomb which causes a fire.
he suspects that someone firebombed his business
a firebomb attack
Today, just a small burn scar around one eye, he runs a roadside cafe a few yards from where the firebomb hit.
Underlining how emotionally charged the history debate is, the society's building was attacked with a firebomb last week.
A firebomb is a lethal weapon that should be used against enemies in war.
Dozens of townspeople poured into the street, firing guns, throwing firebombs and hurling rocks, the Major said.
An ex-Islamic extremist himself, he went to jail in his youth for rooting out idolatry by firebombing a video store.
The catch is that fundamentalist zealots have been firebombing their liquor stores in the cities.
Fighter pilots and commanders have confirmed the use of firebombs similar to napalm during the fighting.
If he was a spammer, I would endorse firebombing this house, I think.
Instead of firebombing the apartment and surrounding forest like I would have done during my violent years, I instead turned the other cheek and ran away like a frightened schoolgirl.