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fireball / шаровая молния, болид, зажигательное ядро
имя существительное
шаровая молния
bolide, fireball
зажигательное ядро
fireball, carcase, carcass
имя существительное
a ball of flame or fire.
a crashed tanker exploded in a fireball
Sporadic gunfire echoed from the east, followed by a thunderous explosion that spewed a fireball into the air, about three blocks from the group.
A teenager dragged from a blazing car just seconds before it exploded in a fireball was reunited today with the man who saved his life.
She was entering the lobby when a fireball exploded from the elevator shaft.
Within five seconds, the winery erupts into a fireball as flames lick the sky and the crashing explosion sends debris hurtling everywhere.
It tore into the glass and metal, leaving a second gaping hole several storeys high from which a fireball of smoke and flame erupted.
Minutes later, there was another explosion and a fireball engulfed the building.
At this point my engine exploded followed by a large fireball , with the fire spreading to the adjacent water.
a crashed tanker exploded in a fireball
A motorcross champion was killed when his speeding car exploded into a fireball after crashing into a lamppost on a waterlogged road.
At 81 years of age, he remains a fireball of creative energy.