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finite / конечный, ограниченный, имеющий предел
имя прилагательное
finite, final, ultimate, ending, terminal, eventual
limited, bounded, restricted, confined, finite, little
имеющий предел
имя прилагательное
having limits or bounds.
every computer has a finite amount of memory
(of a verb form) having a specific tense, number, and person.
In English, tense must be expressed in all finite verb phrases.
But we also don't call them finite complement clauses, though many linguists would.
We know, that a single universe is enormously large, but always finite in size due to its Big-Bang origin.
Mini mission statements, nearly always written without benefit of finite verbs, are increasingly common.
Since our industry is so specific, it's really a finite group of people we're targeting.
With Frank in the chair, the deans met every fortnight ensuring that finite resources were used effectively.
They are neither finite quantities nor quantities infinitely small, nor yet nothing.
There is no doubt that in health there is infinite demand and finite resources, and each scarce health dollar must be put to the best possible use.
"In public finance, circumstances change, and we have to recognise that resources are finite .
These challenges include a finite budget, and limited personnel and resources.
Everything we perceive is filtered through our finite minds with finite vocabulary.