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finisher / финишер, аппретурщик, сокрушающий удар
имя существительное
сокрушающий удар
имя существительное
a person or thing that finishes something, in particular.
The final race was the half marathon with 5,880 finishers .
an animal that has been fattened ready for slaughter.
finisher pigs
Consequently, finisher pigs that have higher rates of muscle growth will have a higher dietary amino-acid requirement than those with lower rates of muscle growth.
Newcomer Tom Muldoon has been the top Club finisher in Achill and Westport and a great result is expected from himself and Eoin Cunningham.
The Scotsman was called upon to do a job, and the man AJ calls ‘the best finisher at the club’ duly rolled back the years.
London Irish couldn't believe their luck, snapping up one of the best buys of the season, a finisher of proven pedigree in the prime of his career.
There is no proven finisher at the club now that Robbie Blake has left and that is the one piece of the jigsaw all fans are waiting to see slotted into place.
finisher pigs
Brett McClure was the top American finisher , placing sixth.
a third-place finisher
He was well over a minute in front of the next finisher .
She was a top ten finisher on American Idol back in 2005.