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finished / законченный, завершенный, отделанный
имя прилагательное
finished, complete, completed, ended, consummate, accomplished
completed, finished, finalized, accomplished, crowned, orbicular
finished, chiseled, chiselled, wrought, faced
имя прилагательное
(of an action, activity, or piece of work) having been completed or ended.
a preparatory drawing for the finished painting
‘Maura, I am not finished yet,’ he warned sternly.
Instead, her finished work is imbedded with details far more complex than the actual photographs.
The finished works of art were both eye-catching and impressive to all who viewed them.
When Manet saw the finished work, he was furious, and swore that Degas had distorted the features of his dear wife.
I chose this book because it includes the artist's rough sketches as well as her finished work.
I'll be finished by the time you get home.
While recovering in hospital he admits to himself that he's finished in this town.
The finished work also features powerful storytelling skills and elegant editing.
Critics of feeding cattle in North Dakota often point to North Dakota's distance from packing plants to the south, saying that it's too costly to transport finished cattle from the state to processing facilities typically located farther south.
Building land has also increased in value which has the obvious knock-on effect of pushing up the cost of the finished properties.