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finish / отделка, конец, финиш
имя существительное
finishing, finish, trim, furnish, trimming, garnish
end, ending, stop, finish, tip, close
finish, goal, home
end, finish, complete, close, conclude, finalize
finish, end, stop, terminate, close, do
имя существительное
an end or final part or stage of something.
a bowl of raspberries was the perfect finish to the meal
the manner in which the manufacture of an article is completed in detail.
wide variation in specification and finish
bring (a task or activity) to an end; complete.
they were straining to finish the job
complete the manufacture or decoration of (a material, object, or place) by giving it an attractive surface appearance.
the interior was finished with V-jointed American oak
Anyway, I'm happy because we reached the finish of a race where so many things have happened.
the wine has a lemony tang on the finish
The carpenter would respond, and eventually a painter would get to the job site to finish the work.
The particularly tough climb of Alpe d' Huez is a favourite, providing a stage finish in most Tours.
We discovered that we all had a horror of wasting food, and would finish a dish rather than throw it in the bin.
they were straining to finish the job
By the finish of the race, some exposed sections were drying out, but the interior trails were still pretty thick.
finish your fajita while it's still hot
I really enjoyed the film from start to finish
Co-ordination work has started and a task force will finish a feasibility study for the whole project by the end of this year.