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finicky / жеманный, разборчивый, мелочно требовательный
имя прилагательное
mincing, affected, finicky, finical, genteel, finicking
legible, picky, choosy, discriminating, fastidious, finicky
мелочно требовательный
finical, finicking, finicky
имя прилагательное
fussy about one's needs or requirements.
a finicky eater
She's really finicky and now I hate helping her.
But getting the figures and tables right, looking up all the data and resolving all the discrepancies - it's all finicky detail work.
She should be at the bakery, serving finicky customers and drowning in flour.
In a market economy, finicky customers have the upper hand in choosing products and services.
She was prim, proper, and she was terribly finicky .
I had spent most of my life convinced that she was no different than the finicky gods of Greek and Roman mythology and other ancient mythologies.
And then - shocker - it turned out that the roboprojectors were finicky and unreliable and required careful, skilled supervision.
It is an arena in which far too much time is being spent attending to finicky details within details.
More frustration is derived from some levels that require finicky control.
He too remembers some finicky editor turning his preference into a fetish.