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finger / палец, перст, штифт
имя существительное
finger, pin, toe, digit, stud, claw
finger, digit, digital
pin, stud, finger, sprig, tag, pintle
трогать пальцами
finger, finger over
перебирать пальцами
finger, finger over
указывать аппликатуру
имя существительное
each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five, if the thumb is included).
she raked her hair back with her fingers
touch or feel (something) with the fingers.
the thin man fingered his mustache
inform on (someone) to the police.
you fingered me for those burglaries
play (a passage) with a particular sequence of positions of the fingers.
Timidly plucking a string, I fingered the lead guitar of ‘Smoke on the Water’.
Yen knew without a doubt that even if the squeaky clean Don had something to do with it, they'd never be able to finger him.
Well, at the end, those people, the prisoners will be able to finger the people who tortured them or badly treated them.
He would finger each bag for a minute, touching and stroking, and then finally moving it into a larger plastic bag.
Proceed with moving your ring finger and then your pinky finger toward your thumb.
a shortbread finger
The lead guitarist begins to finger an intricate melody, then turns around to face the audience, a spotlight on him.
The money was used to buy a pulse oximeter, a hand-held piece of equipment which is attached to an ear lobe or finger and checks lung function quickly and easily.
a shortbread finger
This painless device shines a reddish glowing light from a sensor attached to a finger or toe and determines how much oxygen is in the blood.
All this from a man who can finger a fretboard like nobody's business.