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finesse / тонкость, ловкость, искусность
имя существительное
subtlety, fineness, thinness, finesse, delicacy, fine point
agility, dexterity, skill, knack, sleight, finesse
adeptness, subtlety, finesse, ingenuity, cleverness, adroitness
действовать искусно
действовать хитро
slot, notch, trench, finesse
имя существительное
intricate and refined delicacy.
orchestral playing of great finesse
(in bridge and whist) an attempt to win a trick with a card that is not a certain winner.
It would be unwise for West to lead from either of his 3x suits (not knowing that partner has the aces), and West hopes to take a finesse in cups later.
do (something) in a subtle and delicate manner.
his third shot, which he attempted to finesse, failed by a fraction
(in bridge and whist) play (a card that is not a certain winner) in the hope of winning a trick with it.
the declarer finesses ♦J
He neglected to finesse his connections the right way.
Unfortunately, this message is delivered with such a lack of finesse and tact that it feels like the proverbial sledgehammer is trying to pound the message into the audience.
And, on what could have been a difficult night, the Bulls proved they have many lines of attack and that they have skill and finesse to add to their undoubted power.
I'm fairly convinced that the contests would show the strength, intelligence, artistry and finesse of the American game and players are superior.
I wonder how certain fools will try to finesse this story?
Although he had irked her so, she had to admit he handled her with such finesse that aroused her admiration.
clients want advice and action that calls for considerable finesse
He didn't just dance, he danced with finesse and mastery.
Those harsh wartime experiences deeply affected her playing - reviewers noted it had lost its polish and finesse - and she resolved to regain it.
the administration's attempts to finesse its mishaps