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fine-grained / мелкозернистый, тонкозернистый
имя прилагательное
fine-grained, closebodied, close-grained
fine-grained, closebodied
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of wood) having a fine or delicate arrangement of fibers.
But as high-quality fine-grained wood becomes increasingly expensive, fibreboard is playing a more visible role in interior design.
Also early Khmer statues were generally worked out from a single block of fine-grained sandstone and to ensure the stability of these thin, multi-armed figures, the artisans left elements of the block uncarved to serve as support.
Along the vein wall, adjacent to the country rock, are fine-grained quartz, feldspar, and chlorite.
But I think that it will still take the clinician's sensitivity and fine-grained analysis of what works in the consulting room to put words to personal experience and reach new ways of helping people.
At a sufficiently fine-grained level of analysis, it could well turn out that every unit in a language has a distinct distribution with respect to the constructions in which it can occur.
The information is calibrated in fine-grained detail at localised levels; it is reliable and can be protected.
Future analyses of international Web strategies should deploy a more fine-grained approach.
These veneers come from southern European olive trees, which yield a dense, fine-grained wood that is tan in color and marked with dark brown and black pigment lines.
They build up on sheltered exposures of fine-grained , porous pyrite-bearing rocks, such as shale or bituminous coal, after long dry spells.
With acceptance, new constructive principles appear, supplementing pure logical deduction from fine-grained analysis as irreducible explanations of observed phenomena.
That cold spell, which afflicted Europe in the years leading up to Stradivari's time, would have produced a uniquely fine-grained wood, he said.