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finding / открытие, находка, обнаружение
имя существительное
opening, discovery, finding, revelation, breakthrough, disclosure
find, finding, godsend, prize, strike, trouvaille
detection, detecting, discovery, finding, discovering, disclosure
имя существительное
the action of finding someone or something.
a local doctor reported the finding of numerous dead rats
small articles or tools used in making garments, shoes, or jewelry.
Unfortunately, I had trouble finding good evidence to support it!
And she said there were numerous ways of finding out what is open and what events are happening over the Easter period.
Dealers already reported difficulty finding soybean seed in some areas in mid-January.
And we knew that we weren't finding them all, and we assumed the ones we weren't finding were either dead or healthy.
The most important finding in the reports is that we have service groups that try their hardest and do their best.
There are numerous government agencies with the job of finding these illegal companies but their job is difficult.
Several investment institutions are pressing it to publish the finding of its inquiry.
One friend told his family the Italians had talked of finding two English soldiers dead on a mountainside.
Detail about the extent to which professions restrict the numbers joining their ranks is another striking finding of the report.
Officers reported finding decaying milk on the nozzle of a fresh milk machine which could have caused salmonella poisoning.