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finance / финансы, финансовое дело, доходы
имя существительное
finance, finances, exchequer
финансовое дело
gain, finance, incoming, issue
finance, fund, sponsor, bankroll, stake
управлять финансами
имя существительное
the management of large amounts of money, especially by governments or large companies.
The finance department has also been developed to meet the needs of the bigger merged company.
provide funding for (a person or enterprise).
the city and county originally financed the project
Nor has the bank any specific bargaining leverage, assuming Lincoln can obtain finance from an alternative source.
The council of finance ministers cannot depart from the rules laid down by the treaty
A recurring suggestion for raising finance for urban road projects was to charge for congestion.
A local source of finance is essential if local independence and accountability are to be maintained.
The private sector, in fact Irish pension funds, could finance the entire project.
"There are mixed signs," said the finance chief of an Irish multinational.
He is an incredibly able businessman who has an uncanny ability to tap into all possible sources of finance .
Offshore finance centres have been subjected to increased criticism over recent years.
Most of the book makes sense for any old economy business seeking finance from external sources, too.
Whether, say, joint degrees in economics and finance are covered by the data is unknown.