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finally / окончательно, в конце концов, в конечном счете
finally, decisively, roundly, plumb
в конце концов
eventually, in the end, after all, finally, ultimately, in the long run
в конечном счете
ultimately, eventually, finally, in the long run, in the end, all in all
after a long time, typically involving difficulty or delay.
he finally arrived to join us
Have they not even considered what will happen to these people when the centre finally closes its doors?
The editing process has finally come to a close and the film is as good as finished.
finally, it is common knowledge that travel broadens the horizons
The only reason I can write this tonight, is because we finally have a day off tomorrow.
a referendum followed by local, legislative and, finally, presidential elections
The doctor tried to reason with me but finally gave up with a look of exasperation.
About an hour later, we finally arrived at the mall and headed to the clothing stores.
I drank it all in, just being there in the almost deserted cafeteria, so close to her finally .
When he finally got to relate the details of his adventure, he gave her a paper bag as he spoke.
As the chatter died at the sudden events, it seemed that things were finally under way.