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finalize / завершать, заканчивать, придавать окончательную форму
complete, finish, wind up, terminate, finalize, accomplish
end, finish, complete, close, conclude, finalize
придавать окончательную форму
produce or agree on a finished and definitive version of.
efforts intensified to finalize plans for postwar reconstruction
As you finalize these arrangements, you should also begin to practice your presentation.
efforts intensified to finalize plans for post-war reconstruction
In it, the government said it would finalize a plan to cope with the uncooperative debtors by the end of next March.
As next Monday's opening ceremony approaches, organizers have intensified efforts to finalize their preparation for the grand event.
efforts intensified to finalize plans for postwar reconstruction
There is still another week of negotiation to finalize the plan of action that is to be agreed upon in Johannesburg.
The Department of Education said yesterday the areas where the cuts will be made were not yet finalised .
In the north of Bulgaria, a very large investment is close to reaching finalisation .
The town is currently finalizing a development agreement.
We don't have the benefit of previewing and adjusting our layouts before considering them acceptable for finalization .