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final / окончательный, конечный, последний
имя прилагательное
final, ultimate, definitive, conclusive, eventual, last
finite, final, ultimate, ending, terminal, eventual
last, latest, latter, recent, final, late
final, conclusive, closing, terminal, ending, illative
имя существительное
выпускные экзамены
final, finals
решающая игра в матче
последний заезд
последний выпуск газеты
имя прилагательное
coming at the end of a series.
the final version of the report was presented
имя существительное
the last game in a sports tournament or other competition, which decides the winner of the tournament.
The winners of the semi-finals will take part in a county final to decide the winner.
an examination at the end of a term, academic year, or particular class.
He and nine other finalists had to prepare two main course dishes for the healthy catering class final .
the principal note in a mode.
Often, he seems to set up two possible finals , the ‘tonal’ issue being settled only at the last moment.
the final approach of a landing aircraft to a runway.
the plane piloted by Richards was on finals
Two controversial refereeing decisions were to have a big bearing on the final outcome.
The final scoreline indicates a miss match but it was not quite that one-sided.
The final phase will allow finishing touches to be applied to the scheme and any last-minute glitches to be ironed out.
The melody type is paramount; mode in the sense of scale and final is secondary.
With neither side able to stamp their authority in the crucial midfield area the final score was in doubt right to the end.
He and nine other finalists had to prepare two main course dishes for the healthy catering class final .
Having made the decision, the final frontier seemed determined to beat us despite our best efforts.
The group looked to the door as it slid open, allowing entry to the final expected guests.
At press time, the task force was scheduled to meet again to reach a final decision.
It is understood a final decision on the outcome of the objections will not be known for a number of months.