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filtrate / фильтрат
имя существительное
filtrate, infiltration
filter, filtrate, decant, strain, infiltrate, drain
filter, strain, percolate, filtrate
имя существительное
a liquid that has passed through a filter.
filtrates of bacterial cultures
the remaining alkali is filtrated
In the majority of the studies we reviewed, the material administered to the animal was the dried filtrate of a water extract that had been prepared from dried leaves.
drops of clear filtrate
After passage through glass fiber filter paper, the filtrate was concentrated using a rotary vacuum evaporator.
During the gravity filtration the filtrate passes through the filter medium under the combined forces of gravity and capillary attraction between the liquid and the funnel stem.
It is more normally used to filtrate drinking water and in small amounts is not harmful.
Then a clear filtrate with no cells or bacteria was used to inoculate another chicken, which would then develop a tumor.
Shrugging, the teen walked over to the window above the sink: some light had managed to filtrate between the cobwebs and the dust.
So he sighed and let the memories overwhelm him, talking as he went, not filtrating what he said.
It bubbles up from a great depth and is naturally filtrated , then bottled and hermetically sealed in 19-litre containers.
Sperm were filtrated and stained on the filter.