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filmy / пленчатый, покрытый пленкой, туманный
имя прилагательное
filmy, scarious
покрытый пленкой
fog, foggy, misty, hazy, dim, filmy
имя прилагательное
(especially of fabric) thin and translucent.
filmy white voile
In the filmy light of a city morning he looked ashen and old.
Maxine laughed and touched the filmy fabric of a sleeve.
They balance tall bamboo poles draped in filmy fabrics.
The room was lined with windows, and filmy white curtains fluttered in the breeze.
He consumed an amazing amount of filmy fabric in the process of manipulating the sheer material into a richly textured garment.
The sleeves were made of a filmy , translucent red material, so insubstantial that it was almost not there.
Actually, I do like the delicate, filmy white square edged in yellow with an M embroidered in one corner.
For the first time Ian notices that she's wearing nothing but a silk nightgown, so thin and filmy that it looks like gold paint brushed over her body.
When the powdered something hit the water, a filmy silver light hovered over the rim of the smooth darkened wood of the cup.
The walls were free of torches, and yet a filmy light seeped in from an unknown source.