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fillip / толчок, щелчок, стимул
имя существительное
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, fillip
click, snap, flip, fillip
stimulus, incentive, impetus, inducement, stimulant, fillip
click, flip, snap, crack, clack, fillip
jog, bump, spoon, joggle, hitch, fillip
stimulate, promote, induce, motivate, propel, fillip
имя существительное
something that acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.
the halving of the automobile tax would provide a fillip to sales
a movement made by bending the last joint of a finger against the thumb and suddenly releasing it; a flick of the finger.
the Prince, by a fillip, made some of the wine fly in Oglethorpe's face
propel (a small object) with a flick of the finger.
our aforesaid merchant filliped a nut sharply against his bullying giant
It earned him the right to be called the father of European comic-book art, giving a fillip to the industry at a time when America was churning out comics at ever-increasing volumes.
New technologies and sophisticated machinery will give a fillip to the construction sector.
pour, that the draught may fillip my remembrance
the halving of car tax would provide a fillip to sales
Moreover, if linguistic provinces are formed it will also give a fillip to the regional languages.
A Danish ‘Yes’ vote might just have provided a fillip to market sentiment, particularly if it were supported by another round of intervention.
‘The book signing session should provide a fillip to sales,’ said Mr Black.
The Festival's acutely-anticipated arrival is not just a fillip to York racecourse, but to the entire city, whose economy can expect a massive upswing.
the halving of the automobile tax would provide a fillip to sales
Longer term, it appears that the planned merger between the Frankfurt and London Stock Exchanges will give a fillip to the campaign to have UK stamp duty abolished.