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filler / наполнитель, шпатлевка, воронка
имя существительное
filler, extender
putty, filler, coating, filling
funnel, crater, chute, filler
имя существительное
a thing put in a space or container to fill it.
these plants are attractive gap-fillers or ground cover
a person or thing that fills a space or container.
supermarket shelf-fillers
a monetary unit of Hungary, equal to one hundredth of a forint.
Come on, Korea Times: even you can't be this desperate for filler material.
She didn't need one, it was just a stocking filler .
There are a number of other filler materials being tested but are not available for use in the United States.
There is some debate as to whether covers should be considered filler material anymore than original songs.
Clean up any dried residue with acetone and fill any gaps with matching latex filler .
Our oral comments are full of this sort of filler , and of grammar and usage errors of various sorts.
Other methods of volume restoration include fat injections, injections of filler material, bank tissue, and alloplasts.
wood filler
Even with three or four episodes strung together and some filler material, it still barely reaches 70 minutes.
Use of jelly stones is not a scientific mode of pot hole repair, rather the filler substance should be finely ground, he explained.