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fill / заполнение, насыпь, закрашивание
имя существительное
filling, fill, plenum, suffusion
mound, embankment, bank, fill, terrace, banquette
fill, fill out, fill up, fill in, complete, pad
fill, refill, fill up, imbue, charge, pervade
fill, stuff, line, tamp, pack, print
имя существительное
an amount of something that is as much as one wants or can bear.
we have eaten our fill
an amount of something that will occupy all the space in a container.
7.48 A.M. I drop my brother off at Newlands Cross and get a fill of petrol in the station there.
put someone or something into (a space or container) so that it is completely or almost completely full.
I filled up the bottle with water
I have just about had my fill of commentators who don't like their country, don't like the world, and don't much care for the human race.
we have eaten our fill
If someone needs Plan B, you should be there to fill the prescription.
The process can be laborious, but it will ensure that you either fill your order at the very best price or avoid a poor trade altogether if the market fails to move your way.
Most of the sedimentary fill of the Chiang Mai basin lies beneath a blanket of Quaternary floodplain deposits.
Nationally, the Government is struggling to fill vacant NHS nurse positions.
One surgeon, who said he is ‘well paid’, said he does not have enough patients to fill his working day.
What if we fill a bag full of rocks that weigh the same as me?
Just £15 will buy you a fill of Perfect Storm - a heady mix of compressed air, nitrous oxide and gaseous caffeine.
He emerged as the leader of Baltimore's offensive line last season and has been told he's expected to fill a similar role with a bunch of young players around him.