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filigree / филигрань, филигранная работа
имя существительное
филигранная работа
filigree, filagree
имя существительное
ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery.
delicate silver filigree earrings
The scabbard was fine leather, with intricate designs winding around it done in silver filigree .
delicate silver filigree earrings
They are fine gold- and silversmiths and produce delicate works of filigree jewelry and religious emblems.
Often I might take away sections of glass and either leave these blank or attach some detail, such as a filigree of glass rods.
He pulled the palm-sized mirror - framed in a delicate filigree of some gold or brass-like metal - out of his back pocket.
He pulled from within his robe a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, a magnificent silver filigree forming beautiful designs on the neck clasp but flawed by only one thing.
Silver filigree works are made out of the goldsmith's tools.
The middle-aged woman was dressed in a black hooded robe embroidered with silver filigree work that smartly contrasted with her curly golden hair and peach-like complexion.
A fine filigree of silvery tendrils were tightly wrapped about the device, so that the whole thing looked like a small ball of spider web.
a wedding cake of gold and white filigree