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filicide / детоубийство, детоубийца
имя существительное
infanticide, filicide
имя существительное
the killing of one's son or daughter.
maternal filicide
We have known from the outset that a proportion of the deaths were technically filicide .
But also, I don't rightly know how you stop mindless filicide ; and there's a strong stench of inevitability and an anti-political helplessness hanging over the books.
It is not surprising that filicide , the killing of a child by a parent, provokes strong feelings.
The very idea of filicide (the murder of a child by a parent) is abhorrent.
It becomes clear that filicide is incorporated into his conception of virtue.
As shocking and deeply disturbing as such a crime might be, in reality filicide - the clinical term for child-killing by parents - is not as rare as you might think.
He claimed that 80% of infant deaths were probably due to recognisable medical causes which doctors had failed to diagnose, while a further one in ten were the result of infanticide or filicide .
maternal filicide
The study included two families in which there were two CONI deaths, one triple SIDS and one triple filicide .
No, it wasn't this kind of filicide or mother killing her children.