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filibuster / пират, флибустьер, обструкционист
имя существительное
pirate, filibuster, buccaneer, rover, corsair, freebooter
filibuster, freebooter
obstructionist, obstructive, filibuster
заниматься морским разбоем
filibuster, buccaneer
тормозить принятие закона
тормозить принятие решения
имя существительное
an action such as a prolonged speech that obstructs progress in a legislative assembly while not technically contravening the required procedures.
it was defeated by a Senate filibuster in June
a person engaging in unauthorized warfare against a foreign country.
act in an obstructive manner in a legislature, especially by speaking at inordinate length.
several measures were killed by Republican filibustering
Because the filibuster is a negative procedure, and one that frustrates the will of a simple majority, it has a bad reputation.
Nor is the Republicans' Senate majority great enough to prevent the Democrats defeating a nominee by means of a procedural filibuster .
The judicial filibuster is indeed an obstruction of last resort.
The National Party then started to filibuster the bill.
it was defeated by a Senate filibuster in June
The filibuster rule has of course been the subject of occasional but profoundly important alteration.
A handful of senators announced they would filibuster any energy legislation that opened up the area to drilling.
Why do a few senators filibuster the nominee?
In an effort to further weaken the filibuster , the Senate in 1975 reduced the required number of votes from two-thirds to three-fifths.
Yes, it is true that a filibuster , which only requires 40 votes to sustain, is possible.