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filial / сыновний, филиальный, дочерний
имя прилагательное
daughter, daughterly, filial
имя прилагательное
of or due from a son or daughter.
a display of filial affection
In an act of filial generosity, he ordered April to be renamed for his mother.
The emerging generation are more and more impervious to standard school indoctrination, less ready to give up their seats on buses, less respectful and filial .
Meanwhile, ballerina/modern dancer Vivian becomes a potential love interest for Wil, and secrets, guilt, filial ties, and honor all come to a head with one another.
Every second generation during backcrossing, we mated the first filial offspring of the parental backcross to recover the recessive phenotype.
He is both an insider and outsider, in filial and affiliated bonds with his home and his present, and he is connected to the various sectors of Vietnamese society and to the Westerners through a principled ethics.
‘Most of our cinemas centre around filial bonds and we should indeed cherish our family values and sentiments,’ he observes.
‘You don't really know what's going on, if it's a parental relationship, filial relationship, or if it's something more sinister,’ he says.
Is it because filial daughters are more bound to filial ideology than runaways?
As much as any other mother would, she was concerned greatly for her son, and her son in return, was filial and respectful to her.
I am told that in China, filial piety is important.