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filch / стащить, стянуть, украсть
sneak, pull off, filch, snatch, nick, snitch
pull off, filch, scrounge, pinch, pilfer, snaffle
scrounge, pinch, filch, thieve, nick, sneak
pilfer or steal (something, especially a thing of small value) in a casual way.
I was promptly accused of filching Mr. Muir's idea
He could have gotten away with things worse than helping me filch a sweet from his aunt, or a bit of harmless mischief.
Federal authorities have prosecuted thieves who have used stolen passwords to filch credit reports and steal from thousands of consumers.
Although the Princeton official's motives were not revealed, the break-in was thought to be an academic Watergate, an illicit attempt to filch information on what the competition was up to.
But I'm still working on filching my mom's secret recipes.
Maybe he'd seen our happy faces, staring from Mrs. Larkin's apple tree, realising that there must be more to life than filching apples and scaring pigeons.
Mostly, they gamble with other people's money, filching fat fees whether the gamble pays off or not.
Now, filchers consider theft an art form, and with the kind of skill they display, it might as well be.
No one had snatched the last slice, so I filched it.
When John Major initiated the Lottery, he put safeguards in place to stop Government filching the cash.
Then there's my 83-year-old cousin, whose stock-in-trade is a trick that he plays with a scrub jay that nests in the area, a garbage filcher named JJ.