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figurehead / подставное лицо, номинальный глава, марионетка
имя существительное
подставное лицо
figurehead, shill, dummy, stooge, capper, counterfeit
номинальный глава
puppet, marionette, stooge, motion, dummy, figurehead
имя существительное
a nominal leader or head without real power.
The highest official is the prime minister, and the president is a figurehead with no real power.
a carving, typically a bust or a full-length figure, set at the prow of an old-fashioned sailing ship.
The incomers were principally craftsmen, carving ships' figureheads and occasional portrait busts.
The ship was monstrous, and her figurehead suited her perfectly.
For instance, the figurehead was changed to an allegorical figure that evoked the ship's new name.
He is a figurehead , the hard-drinking leader who gives the gang what they want in exchange for loyalty and service.
If we are to have a figurehead as the leader of the nation, let it be the people's choice via the ballot box and not someone's birthright.
She reached the anchored ship and recognized the figurehead upon its prow.
As she arrived at the bow, her eyes were drawn upwards along the prow, to where an ancient figurehead stood watch.
But who can be sure that having your political figurehead at the 45-minute presentation is a vote-winner?
The alternative is to look upon the monarch as a mere figurehead , a focal point for tradition, pomp and ritual on the great occasions of state.
Very few institutions change their chief figurehead every year.
Built with the best materials, to the highest standard, her clipper ship bow and figurehead are still intact.