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fighter / истребитель, боец, борец
имя существительное
fighter, destroyer, exterminator, chaser
fighter, warrior, combatant, battler, militant, effective
fighter, wrestler, struggler, champion, bruiser, militant
имя существительное
a person or animal that fights, especially as a soldier or a boxer.
Boxing has been through periods when it seems all the top fighters are ducking each other, but this isn't one of those periods.
a fast military aircraft designed for attacking other aircraft.
designers employ stealth to render a fighter invisible to radar
She knew how easy it would be for him to just die right then and there, but she also knew he was a determined fighter .
The former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world has more often been termed not a boxer, but a fighter .
Despite the fact he was flying a Republic fighter he still didn't truly feel he'd have a chance.
designers employ stealth to render a fighter invisible to radar
True, but as everybody agrees, Tiger is a fighter and 68 is no bad way to start out in defence of his title.
Here's the reality check; Sugar Ray Robinson is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the history of the sport.
She flew through a building that had a hole in it and lost the fighter squadron that was attacking her.
there'll be months of physiotherapy but medical staff say she's a fighter
Fourteen of his other victims could not stand the brutal mauling by the fighter nicknamed the Slashing Tiger.
Similarly, the commander of a fighter squadron must be a credible fighter pilot.