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fifty-fifty / поровну, пополам
equally, evenly, fifty-fifty
in two, asunder, in twain, fifty-fifty, half-and-half
имя прилагательное
equal, peer, like, even, equable, fifty-fifty
с равными частями
с равными шансами
имя прилагательное
the same in share or proportion; equal.
fifty-fifty partners
equally; half and half.
they divided the spoils fifty-fifty
Alas some controversial refereeing decisions saw all the fifty-fifty decisions going the Paisley side's way.
Well, it was a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right.
I'd give it a fifty-fifty chance, probably less.
‘I'm more confident because it is a playoff,’ he said, adding the odds were fifty-fifty .
When the Governor spoke today he said well, it's a fifty-fifty call now whether interest rates rise or whether interest rates fall, and I think that characterises the view of the Reserve Bank.
Well, it was almost a fifty-fifty chance right?
Keane, being a realist, recognises those facts, but insists that the game is very much fifty-fifty .
The Exec is roughly split fifty-fifty down the middle, with everything from classical liberals to old-style feminists and environmentalists.
When the skin is so dry that it tends to flake, the best carrier seems to be a fifty-fifty blend of sweet almond and corn oil with 10 per cent of organic wheatgerm oil to provide more of the revitalizing and restorative vitamin E.
‘They still think they're in the majority but there is a bare majority; it's nearly fifty-fifty now,’ he said.