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fifty / пятьдесят
имя существительное
the number equivalent to the product of five and ten; half of one hundred; 50.
only fifty percent of the aircraft were serviceable
about fifty of us filed in
They range in age from twenty-five to fifty , and most consider themselves to be politically independent.
Of those aged fifty to fifty-nine, 39 per cent agreed, and 40 per cent of those over sixty.
The planes only had a top speed of fifty miles per hour and when hitting strong headwinds actually began to move backwards in mid-air.
Standing fifty paces from me under the trees was an impressive figure.
The over forty age category last year included three women aged fifty or over, compared to just one birth in this age group in 1999.
Sherlock Holmes is often thought of as ‘immortal’, and James Bond is still going strong at about fifty years of age.
number fifty
do you have them in size fifty?
He estimated that his top running speed is about fifty miles per hour.