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fifth / пятый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
пятая часть
quint, fifth
пятое число
constituting number five in a sequence; 5th.
the fifth century bc
Without the drive-through penalty, Christian would have finished the race in fifth or sixth place.
‘When you were in the fifth grade, your biggest worry was maybe a geography test,’ he said.
In the fifth month you have five pairs (because the first pair of babies has become old enough to reproduce).
Brett Sales yanked the Cavalier's gear down from fifth into fourth to overtake the van in front of him before he reached the next roundabout.
She was the tallest person in our fifth grade class.
Rotherham is hoping to shrug off its unenviable title of the car crime capital of South Yorkshire with a new crackdown that aims to slash vehicle crime by a fifth .
Of the 1993 cohort that entered primary school in developing countries, nearly one-fourth failed to reach the fifth grade.
This is now the fifth day, five days on, and we are waiting to know what happened to him and I, his mother, I need to know what happened to Anthony.
We were ranked fifth going into the race and came out third with a new British record.
I had the pleasure of meeting DJ's fifth grade teacher last night.