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fifteenth / пятнадцатый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
пятнадцатое число
пятнадцатая часть
constituting number fifteen in a sequence; 15th.
August the fifteenth
‘For the play on the fifteenth of December, we need people for the light and sound crew,’ I stated.
This issue of the journal, the fifteenth in the New Series, contains contributions on an array of topics written by scholars in the United States, Spain, Italy and Australia.
The fair, as a harvest festival with distant pagan origins, takes place in the hot mid-September (the fifteenth , as we can work out from Henchard's great oath the next day).
We lost our fifteenth in Seattle, and I reached a decision.
a fifteenth of the budget
the fifteenth biggest city in the world
In 1225 the government levied a tax on moveables at the rate of a fifteenth , but took care to show its concern for newly established constitutional proprieties through a definitive reissue of the charters.
You get a healthy five episodes, which brings us to the fifteenth out of thirty-nine in the series.
he came fifteenth last
his fifteenth match this year