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fife / дудка, флейта, дудочник
имя существительное
fife, quill, call
flute, fife, syrinx
piper, fifer, fife
играть на дудке
имя существительное
a kind of small shrill flute used especially with the drum in military bands.
The air came alive with the shrill whistling of the fifes , and the drums began pounding in rhythm with my heart.
play the fife.
His deep interest in Irish culture and music prompted his research into the Lambeg drumming and fifing traditions of Ulster.
Amerindian men perform a dance in the local church to the accompaniment of fife and drums.
He played the fife and was a great lover of traditional music.
The standard fife , the old Renaissance treble, is pitched in B and has six finger holes.
He singles one of them out - a musician, and tells him to play a tune on his fife .
The drums sound, the fife plays ‘Yankee Doodle,’ a tune for insulting colonists.
William Ferman complained that whenever he chose to stay out all night playing the fife in a saloon, his wife would harass him.
The band is made up of a stringed guitar, drum, and fife .
He played the fife for military assemblies and the violin for dancing parties.
I have no doubt that the disuse of the fife and drum by one regiment after another, until they have become practically obsolete in our service, has been due to this very difficulty of providing adequate material and training.
he plays the fife