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fiesta / фиеста, праздник
имя существительное
holiday, feast, fiesta, fete, rejoicing, high day
имя существительное
(in Spanish-speaking regions) a religious festival.
the yearly fiesta of San Juan
The sprint through the streets starts off the festivities, but the fiesta really gets rolling at midnight.
The first event of the fiesta : a Saturday morning flight, was cancelled due to strong winds.
Inevitably, a fiesta was called for that night, to celebrate their victory and lay old Fredrico to rest.
The pictures that are up there now are a combination of an impromptu dinner party and my New Year's celebration fiesta .
The town was celebrating their fiesta so when they arrived, there were a lot of people in the streets.
Over the next six months, two tango orchestras will visit Waterford and it's hoped by then to run a fiesta in conjunction with these events, building up to a Gala Ball at Christmas.
the yearly fiesta of San Juan
Although there were no bulls, tomatoes or flying goats, the event was a bit of fun nonetheless and probably more typical of the average Spanish fiesta .
Indeed a potential fundraising opportunity, which might at least have bought a planeload of anti-Aids drugs, has become an exhibition of high-tech media co-ordination and a celebrity fiesta .
the yearly fiesta of San Juan