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fierce / жестокий, свирепый, лютый
имя прилагательное
cruel, brutal, fierce, severe, ruthless, bitter
ferocious, fierce, savage, furious, truculent, wicked
имя прилагательное
having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.
as women, we need to accept that we can be fierce, cunning, and predatory
One view sees development as a fierce process, with much blood, sweat and tears - a world in which wisdom demands toughness.
the debate was fierce
Most days, the large columns that supported the high walls of the shopping center shielded the market from the sun's rays or fierce rains or winds.
The communities that play can display fierce and irrational rivalries.
People that transcend their class background often have this dynamism, but sometimes also display a fierce pride that can feel like anger.
He looked away, and the shadows made his face fierce and remote.
It's strange how you adapt to such fierce weather conditions, in fact it's an amazing experience.
there was fierce competition for the job
The trials have provoked fierce opposition from local people, particularly organic farmers and beekeepers who fear for their livelihood.
The rain was fierce and the windshield wipers swept frantic.