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fiend / злодей, дьявол, демон
имя существительное
villain, fiend, malefactor, miscreant, cannibal, heavy
devil, Satan, demon, fiend, Belial, Nick
demon, daemon, fiend, incubus
имя существительное
an evil spirit or demon.
The evil that was spawned from Cain became spirits, monsters, fiends , goblins and giants, forging the blood feud between mankind and monster.
That foolish fiend Richard ‘Lowtax’ Kyanka requested we keep this confounded electronic journal throughout the fortnight.
The top candidate is Bo Outlaw of the Phoenix Suns, a 6-foot-8 loose-ball fiend who also blocks shots and does highly meaningful work on the boards.
Cammy was no saint, but he was no demon-possessed drug fiend , either.
you little fiend!
Turns out that training as a dorm-room reefer fiend had some practical application after all.
For that matter, how did the PICU nurses know that I'm not some crazed drug fiend ?
With Bob captured, the evil leader unleashes his latest creation, a Frankenstein-like fiend called The Beast, to kill the captive.
All the clichés of the form are on display in ‘Plague in the Heartland,’ worn down every bit as smooth as the teeth of a longtime meth fiend .
Then the tabloids will read about Rita Lin and all that pagoogle and make me out as some raving drug fiend and make my life more interesting.
All-around mountain fiend Alex Lowe was the company's quality-assurance manager.