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fielder / принимающий игрок
имя существительное
принимающий игрок
fielder, fieldsman
имя существительное
a player who occupies a defensive position in the field while the other side is batting (typically one other than the pitcher or catcher, or bowler).
Both are predominantly top order batsmen, but they are both off-spin bowlers and exceptional fielders as well.
However, every captain is first a player - be it a batsman, bowler, or a fielder .
The fielder on the mid-wicket boundary did not have time to move.
He was an excellent fielder , particularly in the covers, and a decent bowler of leg breaks.
Right fielder Melvin Mora and second baseman Jose Morban both thought the other one would catch it.
Not only was he a commanding batsman, but was an outstanding fielder .
Like Greg, he was a right-handed batsman, a superb slip fielder and occasional leg-spin bowler.
The umpires make the determination as to whether or not a fielder intentionally drops a fly ball.
He's been a superb fielder and a more than useful offspin bowler.
Thinking themselves unbeatable, the Australians claim they fear no batsman, bowler nor fielder .
Murali was laughing, the close fielders and the wicketkeeper were laughing too.