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fidget / непоседа, беспокойство, егоза
имя существительное
fidget, gadabout
concern, anxiety, worry, trouble, disturbance, fidget
fidget, wiggle, fidget about, shuffle, wiggle-waggle
irritate, unnerve, spook, fidget, harrow
беспокойно двигаться
имя существительное
a quick, small movement, typically a repeated one, caused by nervousness or impatience.
he disturbed other people with convulsive fidgets
make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience.
the audience had begun to fidget on their chairs
The Laughing Death begins to stop laughing, and begins to fidget nervously.
Her hands came up and began to fidget nervously.
I remember from the old days, when a weekly trip to the cinema was a vital part of life, that a fidget spoils the show for everybody.
Unfortunately it was during this time that R. began to fidget , twisting and turning in the seat, putting her foot up and down, propping it across her right knee or rubbing it restlessly.
Beginning an almost nervous fidget of picking at the lapel of his robe, Gwin worried her lower lip.
Theo came over to Lydia, whose hands had begun to fidget nervously.
He was also a bit of a fidget , I'd observed him earlier in the day spending a good 30 minutes clearing the surrounding area of bits of tree, weed and bottles washed in by the tide.
Cassandra lay uncomfortably amongst the dishevelled sheets, serene stillness littered with the occasional fidget of distress.
I couldn't stay asleep hunched over, so I began to fidget when Tony wasn't looking.
She always doodled when someone spoke to her, especially over the phone, because the nervous fidget seemed to relax people.