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fiddler / скрипач, обманщик
имя существительное
violinist, violin, fiddler, violist
deceiver, fraud, trickster, impostor, cheat, fiddler
имя существительное
a person who plays the violin, especially one who plays folk music.
I have a recording of a very attractive violin concerto with fiddler Louis Kaufman and Bernard Herrmann conducting.
a person who cheats or swindles, especially one indulging in petty theft.
A dole fiddler uses benefit fraud to finance her passion for buying shoes.
The eclectic mixture ranges from the contemporary classical playing of Chinese/American fiddler and violist Michael Chang to the punchy and precise traditional tunes played by Irishman Colm Naughton on the mandolin.
A dole fiddler uses benefit fraud to finance her passion for buying shoes.
Arizona is a typical mountain girl who likes to grow flowers, sing, and square dance to the music of the fiddler on Saturday night.
The glamorous Danish fiddler Nikolaj Znaider was the soloist in Brahms's Violin Concerto, a big concert opener, on the whole well played, though Znaider's slender tone occasionally sounded pushed to fill the space.
Set in a village, the tale describes how a destitute fiddler dies after entrusting his sick child and fiddle to the care of an old woman.
What a fiddler Keith is - he thinks he won't be caught but Keith is gonna end up in court.
The band, consisting of a drummer, a piper and a fiddler , was playing a Torrencian song she knew, and she couldn't resist trying to join in.
These days he tours with Carrie Rodriguez, an exceptional fiddler and singer in her own right.
There were nine members of the band in total; a stringed quartet, an Irish fiddler , a drummer, two keyboards (one being Will Gregory) and Alison.
Killavil's ageless flautist and fiddler Peter Horan was one of a number of top traditional Irish musicians who were introduced to the north Belfast dignitary in the Aras.