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fiction / вымысел, фикция, беллетристика
имя существительное
fiction, fantasy, figment, myth, concoction, phantasy
fiction, figment, nonentity, negation, pageantry, pasteboard
fiction, polite literature, polite letters, belles-lettres
имя существительное
literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.
The prize is popularly seen as an award for a new novelists of adult literary fiction , but this is not the case.
Here Brody does an excellent job of sorting out fact, fiction , and political agendas.
On the one hand it publishes original fiction and prose by authors in Tamil.
To give up the fiction is to give up the belief in the sanctity of human life; and this is something that few people are prepared to do.
There is no true dramatic debate; the fiction crashes on the rocks of op-ed.
The motives revealed throughout the novel are more than plot devices and nudge the book over towards the literary end of genre fiction .
The odd jumble of fact and fiction surrounding this initial hit made worldwide headlines.
Better - and safer - to maintain the polite fiction that he didn't know where she lived.
We'll separate fact from film fiction about one of history's greatest warriors.
The film is careful not to leave the audience in any doubt about the fiction of the story.
This is the ability to separate fact from fiction , truth from lies, and stated agendas from hidden ones.